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Familiar to us from childhood hobby in the modern world acquires a different scale. With SPONLI you have a unique opportunity to see with their own eyes what had previously been available only to the eye of the astronomer, detect asteroids, comets, and other previously unexplored facilities to conduct their own research, and more. Observatory SPONLI provides remote access to professional telescopes diameter of 12 “and 16” inches. Using software developed by us for professional cameras and astrophotography you can make high-quality images of various objects of the cosmos, from the terrestrial planets, giant planets, to comets, asteroids, galaxies, nebulae and so forth.   At this point we can provide access to the PC telescope through the program – TeamViewer. Software installed on your PC telescopes – MaximDL, also has the ability to install your software.   Order!   Or to provide access to the telescope write –