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Meade’s 16″ f/10 LX200ACF/UHTC brings Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Nearly every observatory reflector in the world uses an aplanatic (coma-free) optical system like the Ritchey-Chrétien (RC), including NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Now you can own similar optics to what the professionals use. Meade Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™) Increasing total light transmission and image brightness by nearly 20% over Meade’s standard coatings. Objects such as stars, galaxies and nebulae will appear significantly brighter.

A unique opportunity to remotely manage a professional telescope.

Highly skilled workers of Sponli Observatory configured and fully prepared all the equipment for observation.

Rent a telescope.

description catadioptric telescope with a high level of automation and optical circuit professional level – modified Ritchey-Chretien with the corrected coma
telescope type catadioptric
optical scheme Ritchey-Chretien Modified Ritchey-Chretien
focusing method rough: the primary mirror precise: the displacement along the optical axis of the eyepiece
The main optical characteristics
light diameter, mm 406
focal length, mm 4064
luminosity f/10
antireflection coating multi-layer lens Ultra-High Transmission Coatings UHTC mirror
resolution 0.28 ang. sec.
penetrating power (magnitude, approximately) 15.5
Zoom in Focus 0.142 °/cm
minimum useful increase (night) 68х
the maximum useful increase 950х
Managing and Configuring type a microprocessor, via motor drive
precision automatic guidance Standard: about 2 arc. min Precision: 1 arc. min SMT: automatically increases
Physical characteristics
dimensions the size of the optical tube: 445mm (diameter) x 838mm (length) Telescope (without tripod): 457mm (D) x 813 mm (W) x 1295mm (B)
weight Telescope (without tripod): 104.2 kg the heaviest parts supply: 56.7 kg