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Brief Description Of The Project

  • SPONLI is an innovative astronomical project. Users of this exceptional software are provided with online access to professional telescopes.
  • There are also unique interactive materials for the study of astronomy, scale encyclopedia, news and events, database of astronomical catalogs. At the moment we are broadcasting the sky objects in the test mode: Jupiter, Saturn, Moon and others, available at the moment.
  • Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, which heats the interest in the rumors of the existence of extraterrestrial life, controversial and difficult to explain cosmic phenomena, the object not fully understood yet. In fact, the level of public awareness is unacceptably low. We want to fix it.

Contact Information:

  • Name: Ivan Olyanskyi
  • Email:
  • Industry: IT: Software, Internet projects
  • Stage: A prototype created, but no sales yet
  • Phone: +7-499-709-77-00
  • Region: Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 1st Observatory Location: Sosua, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Primary Audience

We consider as our target audience young gentlemen, aged 14 to 45 y.o. and older.   Educational institutions all around the world might be interested in using our materials and possibilities of the telescopes control for more visual aid in astronomy classes.

Main problem, being solved by SPONLI:

The young generation is not so aware in the astronomy field, though there are enormous possibilities of studying with the internet invasion in people’s life.  SPONLI combines news, educational, scientific and recreational resources to increase that awareness in a very accessible and exciting way.


  • The volume of the target market of the project: $ 0 Users who studied astronomy with his telescope or planning to buy it;
  • Parents and their children, as part of the educational process (from the smallest children to students);
  • Schools, universities and other educational institutions; Men aged from 14 (and more) years old who are able to write their name in history as the discoverer of comets, asteroids, supernova;
  • Scientific, educational, research organizations, astro clubs in different countries.

Planned Entrance to the Market

Active advertising campaign on the Internet: social networks, thematic websites and search engines. Offer services to organizations and educational institutions for remote access to the equipment. SPONLI promotion in the media (thematic magazines and online publications), writing press releases, research papers by the project participants. Carrying out activities organized in conjunction with the popularization of astronomy clubs, planetariums, observatories.


  • – provides the ability to monitor the astro events.
  • – remote control of the telescopes.

SPONLI Competitive Advantages

  1. Remote access to the telescope – this is an opportunity for all users to conduct their observations and announce studies.
  2. 6 observatories will be located in places with the best astronomical climate (locations selected based on the analysis of light pollution, conducted by French experts in this field – Brice Grassin).
  3. Availability of professional equipment of last generation, providing the ability to cover all space objects (from the solar system to the deep-sky objects).
  4. A large number of telescopes that will provide full coverage of the audience and a 24-hour operation of the project (regardless of the weather conditions).
  5. Having our own easy-to-use software for remote control telescopes.
  6. Availability of its software for search and discovery of comets, asteroids and supernovae.
  7. The presence of various modifications Multiplatform “Client” for all user groups (educational institutions, research organizations, research centers, amateur astronomers, professional and people that are not related to astronomy).
  8. Multi-website and software.
  9. The project will combine:
    • A database of astronomical objects
    • Blogging platform for users
    • Social Network
    • Sharing
    • Educational materials
    • News Resources
    • Photo gallery of works of users
    • The resource to store raw data



Unmet demand in the market Lack of competition The original concept of open access in three languages (English, Russian and Spanish).


  • The project is at an early stage of business organization
  • The need to create and brand promotion


The new product, which is unparalleled in the market Government support High credit worthiness of potential customers


Administrative barriers in other countries to place observatories.


4 young, creative & motivated team-members

Finance & Investments

Already drawn (total): $ 450 thousand.

Previous Investors

Ltd. “DEZHESTA” has invested 450 thousand USD. Tel .: +7 (495) 641 7121

Needed Support

All the expenses can be covered with $ 40 million.

Where the investments will be spent:

  • Research and development
  • Equipment for observatories and maintaining


  1. An observatory built in the Dominican Republic, solved all the problems with life support Observatory.
  2. The project is unique in its own way, its main advantage is the magnitude and complexity.
  3. Public recognition and support from the Astronomical Association of the Dominican Republic (AstroDom,

Detailed Project Description

Dedicated to amateur astronomy and astrophotography SPONLI project or Space online, opens up new opportunities for the study of astronomy. SPONLI already is presented by: The ability to remotely control telescopes: – Modern Observatory: – 5 professional telescopes (2 telescope 12 “, two telescopes diameter of 16” and 90 mm Solar Telescope) – CCD camera, filters, focuser. – High-speed fiber optic internet and uninterrupted power supply for 24-hour operation of the project. Visual aids in accessing online: * Unique 3D-model of the solar system. * Animated sky map. * Animated diagram of day and night. – On-line library, gallery and video astrophotography. – Blog for astrophotography – Moon and Sun online – photos from the SPONLI observatory, to track changes occurring on their surfaces, an overview of solar activity, magnetic storms forecast. – Subscribe to events prepared by astronomers project, the possibility of obtaining high resolution photos + original photos for their research and treatment. Choice of future events by polling. – Track Observatory live (online available cameras at the observatory, the data from the weather station, current weather conditions).

The aim of the project – to bring amateur astronomy to a new level.

Many comets, asteroids and supernovae were discovered by amateur astronomers enthusiasts. There are not many of them, and they are the ones that keep amateur astronomy alive. Meanwhile, having your own telescope is not a cheap pleasure. SPONLI will provide all the lovers of astronomy and space with the opportunity to access the professional telescopes. Educational SPONLI high-tech project is also closely related to the area of IT-technologies: the project is developing its own unique software for remote management of telescopes.

The idea of the SPONLI project

The word of the Creator:

Undoubtedly, a significant advantage of SPONLI is lack of serious competitors in the world. As well as the original concept, the availability of open access in three languages (English, Russian and Spanish) and the adequate pricing for the provided services. We are planning to develop the project as a social network for astronomers and astrophotographers.
Today the project is successful by 1/6, and it is already running. In order to expand the project further and to cover all the fields planned, we need approximately 40 million USD. It is worth saying, that the project is primarily educational in nature, which will undoubtedly be interesting for schools and institutions around the world.
Kind regards,
CEO, Project Manager
Ivan Olyanskyi