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SPONLI project opens up new opportunities for the study of astronomy In today’s world, as paradoxical as it sounds, the interest in astronomy quenched. And no asteroid that fell in the recent past in Chelyabinsk, nor the probability of detection of new malicious meteors do not change the sad picture: XXI century – Astronomy for astronomers. To note, in the USSR, the great cosmic country, schools were obligated to have at least 35 hours of astronomy. Today in Russia, a country which opened the way to mankind into space, we have a complete astronomical illiteracy. Interest in the sky seen in any child. Think of yourself – encyclopedia with pictures, summer starry sky with my grandmother in the village, the achievements of Soviet scientists miniteleskop – all sunk into oblivion realities of childhood. Fascination with space and astronomy, no reinforced by gradually eroding. Have a home telescope – not cheap – co SPONLI becomes available. Objective of the project to bring Russian amateur astronomers to a new level with the help of visual aids, online library services and remote control telescopes. In addition to self-study, thanks to extensive library of astronomical knowledge, users will be given the opportunity to take an introductory course and courses in-depth study of astronomy. Classes will not only learn new knowledge, but also to find like-minded friends and interests. For those who are interested in the project so that it would be ready to join our team, we, in turn, are ready to provide jobs, and the ability to work remotely to assist in the development of the site and the project as a whole. Yet the main purpose of our educational program is a collaboration with schools, universities, orphanages and boarding schools. Our project will help to make the educational process more intuitive and fun, as well as serve as an impetus for self-education. Each educational institution – an individual approach, as well as customized service packages that will be provided free of charge for boarding schools and orphanages. team SPONLI