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Dedicated to amateur astronomy and astrophotography SPONLI project, opens up new possibilities for the study of astronomy

  To date SPONLI is: – Fitted up with professional equipment Observatory in the area of favorable astroclimate: – 5 professional telescopes (2 telescopes 12″, 2 telescopes diameter of 16″ and 90 mm Solar Telescope) – CCD camera, filters, focuser. – High-speed fiber optic internet and uninterrupted power supply for 24-hour operation of the project. – Visual Aids in accessing online:    
  • 3D-model of the solar system
  • Animated map of the sky
  • Animated diagram of day and night
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  – On-line library, gallery and video astrophotography. – Blog for astrophotography – Moon and Sun online: photos from the observatory SPONLI, review of solar activity, magnetic storms forecast.   But above all, we provide the ability to control telescopes remotely: * If you don´t have a telescope, but have a desire to see what can not be seen with the naked eye – the SPONLI team will provide you with access to telescopes, will hold a prebriefing and training; * If you are an amateur astronomer, but the astroclimate in your area is not favourable for observation, engage in astrophotography, the project will provide you with a professional telescope for rent.   We are ready to cooperate with educational institutions to provide access to telescopes and conduct fascinating online classes.